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RIS Wood Heat

Your Authorized Central Boiler Dealer Since 2003


We are Rodney and Trudi Rush, the proud owners of RIS Wood Heat.  We have three sons who enjoy nothing more than spending quality time with Mom and Dad. There is nothing like a day of cutting and stacking wood to get some great bonding time. In all seriousness, the boys are a great help.


We have been in business since 2003 when we purchased our own Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnace.  After an exhausting search for the perfect outdoor wood furnace, we found the Central Boiler.  No other brand matched the quality and innovative features of Central Boiler. We became a dealer as a hobby, because we loved it so much.  That hobby turned into a full service business. We now have over 700 satisfied customers throughout Western Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley. We have met some of the nicest people in our business and are always anxious to talk to new customers.


We originally sold the Classic, then the E-Classic as EPA qualified furnaces became sought after. Then, the Classic Edge has become available offering both efficiency and ecomony. Most recently, the coal burning Forge with a bottom clean out has become a huge hit. We sell the complete line of Central Boiler products and authorized parts and accessories. Our boom truck can deliver your new outdoor wood furnace and place it right on your pad. Although we do not provide full installations, we spend ample time giving all the technical support and advice you need to do your own install. In addition, we will gladly plumb the furnace before delivery. Many of our customers choose to pick up their furnaces and perform their own installations. We are always glad to give as much phone support as needed.


At RIS Wood Heat we're passionate about energy independence. We aspire to help customers save money by burning renewable natural resources. Who wants to be saddled with fluctuating heating costs? The comment we hear from our customers most often is: "Why didn't I do this years ago, when I first wanted to?"


We usually meet by appointment as we try to accomodate customers daily.  Or if you stop by, give us a call....if we are nearby, we would be glad to show you around and answer all your questions!

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