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Parts and Accessories


Authorized Central Boiler parts are tested with our systems to provide the best performance.


Central Boiler's own brand of pre-insulated underground pipe. Two waterproof oxygen barrier Pex lines in a polyethylene outer jacket. Available in 1" and 1 1/4".

Central Pex

High density, cross - link pipe, rated for temperatures to 180 degree F at 100 psi.

Heat Exchangers

Water to Air, Water to Water, and Side Arm Heat Exchangers. Available in many styles and sizes.


Taco Circulation Pumps. Available in several sizes to best fit the needs of your system.

Pex to Copper Fittings

Pex Adapters, Fittings, Connectors and Clamps. All designed to make furnace installation a breeze.

Central Boiler Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitor and Ashtrol to protect and prolong the life of outdoor furnaces.

Additional Parts and Accessories available. Please call for pricing.

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